News of China aviation industry in 2018

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181231_Sanya Airport passenger flow hits 20 million
181229_China to build 216 new airports by 2035
181229_Tianjin Airlines has 105 aircraft
181228_Beijing Capital Airport passenger flow hits 100 million
181228_Analysis of the three phases of airline market competition in China
181228_BeiDou Navigation Satellite System starts global service
181227_Xinjiang: 21 Airports in service
181227_Chongqing Jiangbei Airport: CAAC hands over apron operation control to airport authority
181226_Forcast of overseas traffic of 2019 spring air transportation
181226_ARJ21-700 demonstration flight in Haikou
181224_Chengdu new airport design revealed
181221_Qingdao Airlines takes 5th A320NEO
181221_Hainan Airlines opens Shenzhen-Paris service
181220_Hainan Airlines going on with property reconfiguration
181220_China Southern shares codes with Finnair
181218_Ministry of Transport: Deregulation for general aviation
181218_Yunnan Hongtu Airlines takes first A319
181217_Zhoushan Boeing 737 Completion and Delivery Center delivers first aircraft, 737 MAX 8
181214_Okay Airways inviting strategic investors
181213_CAAC: 50 Billion yuan for talent training
181213_Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, passenger flow hits 50 million
181213_Hainan Airlines joins hands with Beijing Tourism Group
181210_Airports development in Northwest
181207_China optimizes civil aviation corridor with ROK
181207_China Southern trying stock diversification
181206_Sichuan Airlines trying A350-900
181204_China Eastern offers commercial service Shanghai-Beijing with A350
181203_China Eastern trying A350-900
181130_China Eastern broadening investments
181130_Hainan Airlines to borrow 7.5 billion yuan of bank loans
181130_Hainan Airlines selling more properties
181129_Shenzhen Airport growing fast
181129_China Southern expanding cooperation with American Airlines
181129_Airlines are not fully using international flight rights
181128_Yangtze River Delta connecting airports with trains
181128_Macao closer with Mainland in airline business
181127_China Eastern moving forward with Air France-KLM
181126_China United Airlines takes 2 new B737-800s
181126_Chongqing Airlines selling 4 A320s
181126_SESAR inspiration for China
181119_More money for MA-700 aircraft
181118_Xilin Fengteng General Aviation had a helicopter crash in Emeishan, Sichuan
181116_Aviation leasing business growing
181116_Hainan expanding air traffic control
181116_China Southern building Xiongan Branch
181116_China Southern quits SkyTeam
181116_China Eastern first flies A350
181115_E190-E2 touring China
181115_Airlines exchange stocks
181114_Qingdao Airlines takes one more A320
181114_China Eastern invests in Juneyao Airlines
181112_Zhuhai Airshow sees good deals
181112_Xiamen Air plans major development in Beijing
181106_Urumqi Air flying ARJ21
181105_China Eastern Yunnan takes first B787-9
181102_Major public airlines' profits going down year on year in 3rd quarter
181030_State Grid General Aviation operates helicopter in tower and cable work
181029_Chongqing Airlines takes 2nd A320NEO
181029_Tibet Airlines opens more routes
181029_More flights year on year
181025_First China assembled A320 with China made seats delivered to China Express Airlines
181025_Hainan Airlines sells more properties
181025_Shenzhen Airlines to open Shenzhen-London route October 30
181023_Delta Air Lines to open a new route from Saint Paul, Minnesota to Shanghai
181023_Xinjiang: Two died in tourism aircraft crash
181022_Qingdao New Airport, construction progressing
181022_Xiamen Air may order A321 aircraft
181020_AG600 takes off from water
181019_Shenzhen building large comprehensive transportation hub
181018_Fast development of logistics UAVs
181018_IndiGo to open Hong Kong service
181018_Xiamen Air deepens cooperation with KLM
181016_Inner Mongolia: Genghis Khan Airlines to fly ARJ21 aircraft
181016_China air cargo market growing
181015_Hainan Airlines flies first A350
181012_Shanghai-Harbin air corridor open
181011_Development of C919
181010_Hainan Airlines takes first A350-900
181009_Hainan Airlines in financial difficulties
181009_Nepal: Y-12E in Kathmandu-Lukla service
180928_SN Air Congo may buy 3 ARJ21 aircraft
180927_More general aviation enterprises licensed
180926_Sichuan Airlines has 139 aircraft
180925_Beijing Nanyuan Airport closing
180922_Hebei: Two died in tourist aircraft crash in Handan
180919_Maldives Velana International Airport expanded by China
180919_Guangzhou Baiyun Airport targeting passenger flow of 120-140 million in 2035
180918_China Southern to have 2,000 aircraft in 2035
180917_Guangzhou hosts World Routes 2018
180917_Guangzhou Baiyun Airport marching towards world first class air hub
180916_Guangzhou Baiyun Airport passenger flow hitting 70 million
180916_Jiangsu building an airport group
180912_Jiangxi Air has 10 aircraft
180911_Boeing: China will need 7,690 new aircraft in next 20 years
180911_Beijing Airlines licensed for operation
180911_Jiangxi Air has a fleet of 10 aircraft
180911_Nanchang Airport developing cargo business
180911_YTO Airlines opens Zhengzhou-Tokyo freight route
180910_Air China Southwest takes a new A320NEO, a fleet of 92 in total
180910_Review of nationwide general aviation development in first half year
180910_Hainan Airlines selling overseas properties
180905_14 New general aviation enterprises publish half-year business reports
180905_Embraer vs ARJ21
180904_AirAsia abandons joint venture program in China
180904_Air China sells Air China Cargo at 2.4 billion yuan
180904_Shaanxi building an international cargo airline company
180904_Development of Beijing New Airport
180904_AG600 conducts first water taxiing
180830_China Express Airlines: Business revenue of first half year up 32%
180830_Shanghai Airport: Business revenue of first half year 4.504 billion yuan
180829_261,000 New pilots needed in next 20 years in Asia-Pacific region
180829_Three major airline companies have big profit drop for the first half year
180829_China Southern revenue up in the first half year
180828_China Southern takes a new 787-9
180828_Sichuan Airlines to expand network in Russia
180828_Shaanxi Helicopter Industrial Park: Ground breaking for Bell 407 assembly line
180827_Chengdu Airlines takes the 6th ARJ21
180827_AG600 to have first takeoff from water
180827_NDRC pushing general airports development
180822_American Airlines to stop Chicago-Shanghai service in October
180817_Xiamen Air flight MF8667 off runway when landing in Manila
180816_Beijing holds airline industry trend forum
180816_Airlines and airports under air hub construction
180815_Shenzhen Airlines cooperates with Jinjiang Government
180814_Wuhan opens direct flight to Mauritius
180814_Yunnan Lucky Air takes an A330-300
180814_Sichuan Airlines conducts A350 flight training at Zhuhai Airport
180810_Sichuan Airlines takes first A350-900
180810_Guangxi has first direct air route to Europe
180810_Ethiopian Airlines to open Oslo-Guangzhou freight route
180808_Air China takes first A350-900
180807_Heilongjiang: Forced landing of a Y-5B pesticide spraying aircraft in Jiamusi
180806_Xiamen Air opens Quanzhou branch
180806_Fuzhou Airlines takes first E190-E2
180803_Shenzhen Airlines takes first 737MAX8
180803_China Eastern joins hands with JAL
180802_Analysis of 61 civil helicopter accidents
180802_Chengdu Airlines joins hands with IT giant
180802_CAAC issues "Guidelines for General Aviation Classification Management"
180731_Zhejiang: YTO Express building world air logistics hub in Jiaxing with 12.2 billion yuan
180731_Beijing: Reignwood Star Bell 429 crashed
180730_Yantai Airport expanding
180720_CAAC to revise unsafe events investigation regulations
180719_Jiuyuan Airlines expanding services
180717_Shanghai Pudong Airport with Cat-III visibility operation
180717_Air France-KLM, China Southern, Xiamen Air integrating operation
180717_Difficult situation of regional air transportation
180713_Beijing FangYuan General Aviation opens aircraft sales center
180713_Development of C919 aircraft
180711_Yunnan: Mangshi Airport expanded
180711_China Eastern introduces private investments
180707_Shenzhen Airlines flight ZH9127 off runway when landing in Hohhot
180705_Hainan: Meiya Air Travel has a water plane crashed in Wanning
180705_Policies for the opening up of the aviation industry to the outside world
180705_Subsidies for general aviation operation and pilot training
180703_ZheJiang Loong Airlines runs apron self service at Hangzhou Airport
180702_S.F.Express operates 45 freighters
180702_Business between AVIC Leasing and Yunnan Ying'an
180629_General aviation management system with flight plan management function from July 1
180626_How should a general aviation enterprise choose a spares supplier?
180626_Finnair to fly smaller aircraft to smaller Chinese cities
180626_Shenyang-Los Angeles route to open Dec 18
180625_Juneyao Airlines to take first B787
180625_Tibet Airlines opens Chengdu-Xi'an service
180625_Sichuan Airlines opens Chengdu-Prague-Zurich route
180625_Development of airline industry in Xinjiang
180622_Cities compete for hub with more international routes
180622_Nanchang-Singapore route to open in July
180622_Xi'an-Pyongyang route to open in July
180621_C919 to get airworthiness certificate by 2020
180620_Jingdong developed heavy UAV rolls out
180619_S.F.Express to open Chengdu-Lhasa route
180619_Jilin to push general aviation development by opening the institutional channel
180619_Guizhou: Zunyi to build 11 general airports by 2030 to link every county
180619_Jiangxi building a strong province of aviation industry
180619_Gansu planning 25 general airports, focusing on air tourism development
180619_Shandong to have 94 general airports by 2035
180619_General aviation short haul transport enterprises can sell tickets to the public
180619_CAAC clarifies on private flight application
180619_A1 category general airport program must go through public bidding
180619_Czekh ERA as ATC surveillance system supplier to China
180619_Civil Aviation Science and Education Innovation Exhibition held in Beijing
180619_CAAC issues air transport data from January to May
180619_Dragon Boat Festival sees 4.65 million air passengers
180616_Kunming: Yunnan Fengxiang General Aviation has a helicopter crash
180615_Airports building alliance in the Yangtze River Delta region
180615_Air China increases Beijing-Urumqi capacity
180611_China, South Korea building a large air channel
180611_Civil UAV operation license management system on line
180611_Development of military and civilian integration going deep in the field of ATC
180611_CAAC supports airport construction development work in Tibet
180607_Air China to open Chengdu-London route July 3
180606_China Aircraft Leasing talking with Airbus and Boeing for a 200 aircraft deal
180606_Captain talking about general aviation short haul transportation
180606_Air China to resume Beijing-Pyongyang regular service
180606_Air China joins hands with Air Canada
180604_A chemical spraying helicopter of Chongqing Dragon crashed on high voltage cable in Anhui
180604_Jiangxi leading aviation manufacture industry
180604_Heilongjiang: Major tourism cities with air link
180604_China-Dominica air link under discussion
180604_CAAC supports Macao airline industry development
180604_Beijing, Tianjing, Hebei to have one ATC command
180601_Sichuan Airlines has 134 Airbus aircraft
180601_Air China opening more international routes following the "Belt and Road" initiative
180601_CR929 under development
180530_Urumqi Air opening Urumqi-Irkutsk route
180529_Pyongyang-Shanghai service to resume May 31
180529_Taiyuan to open 3 new routes to Europe, Australia and America in year
180529_China Northern Airlines Jilin Branch to take off at year end
180528_American Airlines may shift the Chicago-Beijing service to the new airport of Beijing
180525_China-US air transport saturated
180523_No more dual VATs for import leasing aircraft
180522_CAAC issues 2017 airline industry development statistic report
180521_Yangzhou: G200 bizjet ran out of runway
180521_Over capacity on China-US routes
180521_China seeking more foreign pilots
180517_First successful launch of private carrier rocket in China
180515_Air China Cargo approved for high plateau operation
180514_Sichuan Airlines looking at joining one of the alliances
180514_Development of low cost aviation in China
180511_Airlines join hands with railways
180511_Air Koryo to open charter flight to Chengdu
180509_Colorful Guizhou Airlines to open Guiyang-Maotai-Taiyuan route
180509_2017 Business data of 14 public general aviation enterprises
180507_CAAC pushing reform for general aviation development
180507_China Southern to open Sanya-Heathrow route
180503_China Southern to open Wuhan-Heathrow route
180503_American Airlines to stop Chicago-Beijing flight
180503_YTO Express building air headquarters in Hangzhou
180503_Hainan Airlines to open 4 intercontinental routes
180502_Chengdu Airlines operates Heilongjiang regional air hub mode with ARJ21
180502_Chengdu Airlines takes the 5th ARJ21
180428_Zhengzhou Airshow open
180426_Development of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
180426_Guangzhou Baiyun Airport opens T2
180426_China building new type of air hubs with cross-operator transfer services
180424_Beijing Airlines as a joint stock company
180423_Dalian Airport tries RNP-AR technology
180419_Emper Aviation takes 2 Cessna Citation 680A aircraft
180419_Civil Avionics International Forum held in Shanghai
180417_First 2-seat FC-1 delivered to Pakistan
180417_China Southern Xinjiang: B757 retires
180416_CAAC urges improvement of safe support capabilities of small and medium airports
180416_CAAC pushing application of S mode surveillance technology
180416_Hainan: Airline business to roar high
180416_Hainan speeds up airport infrastructure construction
180413_Hainan Airlines to open Shenzhen-Vienna route
180413_ZheJiang Loong Airlines awarded for good service
180413_Xiamen Air wins CAPSE awards
180412_Haikou Meilan Airport business up
180411_Hainan to open 100 plus international routes in 2-3 years
180410_CAAC stressing normal flight rate and service quality
180410_CAAC issues civil UAV commercial flight regulations
180408_Embraer in China
180408_More B787 routes to China
180404_China Express Airlines opening 11 routes in Xinjiang
180404_Eastern Air Logistics taking over aircraft belly cargo business
180403_Virgin Australia to deepen cooperation with Hainan Airlines
180403_Guangzhou Baiyun Airport opening T2
180403_Air Belgium flying to China
180403_Lanmei Airlines (Cambodia) opens Siem Reap - Shijiazhuang route
180402_Air China to open Beijing-Houston-Panama route on April 5
180402_Chongqing Free Trade Zone encourages aircraft leasing business
180402_China Southern targets 740,000 passengers in Qingming Festival
180402_China Express Airlines takes a CRJ900
180330_China air freight growing
180330_Local airliner production growing up
180330_Airlines in profit in 2017
180330_Civil UAV industry developing fast
180330_Beijing Capital Airport profit of 2.6 billion yuan in 2017
180329_Y-8 operates over South China Sea
180328_Review of general aviation operation in 2017
180328_Shandong to have 57 airports by 2022
180327_Xinjiang General Aviation uses King Air 350 for artificial precipitation
180327_Shanxi: Xiangyuan to build a general airport with 200 million yuan
180326_Urumqi Air flies E190 aircraft in regional network
180326_Zhejiang: Xinchang Wanfeng Air Town attracts Central and Eastern European partners
180326_Hebei: Cangzhou Police drills with helicopter
180324_Zhejiang pushing general airports construction
180323_Hainan Airlines opens Beijing-Tijuana-Mexico City route
180323_Airline operators facing CCAR-121-R5 check
180323_EHang bankrupt
180323_CAAC, Military to improve airspace utilization for UAV
180322_2018 ATC Technical Seminar held in Beijing
180322_Xiamen Air orders 30 B737-MAX aircraft
180322_DJI Technology seeking new investment
180322_Hebei releases 3-year plan of transport system construction
180322_Shaanxi: Aviation forest protection in service
180322_Changsha Airport bizjet apron in service
180321_CAAC encourages regional air transport development
180320_Urumqi Air takes first E190 aircraft
180320_Yunnan: Lijiang Baisha Heliport upgrades with fueling system
180320_Hairuo General Aviation opens Dezhou Pingyuan Airport
180320_DEA General Aviation in difficulty
180320_Development of air ambulance service in Henan
180318_Qinghai: Haixi Prefecture to build 3 general airports
180318_Chongqing: Aviation forest protection in good operation
180318_Urumqi Air adding 10 new routes
180318_Yunnan Lucky Air takes 2 new B737-800 aircraft
180318_China has 97 certified general airports
180316_Yunnan: K-MAX in emergency forest fire fighting
180316_CAAC pushing ATC reform
180315_CAAC regular press conference updates industry data
180315_Tianjin Airlines to open Tianjin-Xi'an-London route in May
180315_Xinjiang General Aviation flying Kodiak aircraft
180315_Sichuan: H-125 helicopter in forest protection in Jiuzhaigou
180315_Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, No.1 of punctuality
180314_Shandong Airlines takes the 3rd B-737NG in 2018
180314_Private investments welcome in general aviation market
180314_Wuhan building largest general airport in Asia
180314_Yunnan: Multinational helicopter crews in forest fire fighting in Dali
180314_Henan: Deregulation of general aviation operations
180313_Tibet Airlines takes 4th A330
180313_Qinghai General Aviation Group joins hands with strategic partners
180313_Shanghai Heli operates at Zhenjiang Base in Jiangsu
180312_Hubei to have 51 helipads in 2018
180312_Inner Mongolia: Ar Horqin Banner Airport to open in June
180312_Lhasa Xueying opening air tour service
180309_CAAC issues emergency airworthiness directive against XA41, XA42
180309_Xinjiang: Fuyun Airport handled 192 flights in first 2 months
180309_Eastern General Aviation training on AC313
180308_List of 2017 airports' throughputs
180308_Zhejiang: 5 Years of development of aviation forest protection
180307_AC311A going on with test flights
180307_C919 targets delivery in 2021
180306_Air Guilin takes an A320
180305_China Southern takes an A321neo
180305_Shandong: Qixia building a flying camp
180303_CAAC lists 851 administrative penalties
180303_HNA Group may cut 100,000 jobs
180303_An-124 carries 4 Mi-171 helicopters to Shijiazhuang
180302_China Express Airlines in stock market
180302_Sichuan Longhao starts 2018 flight training
180301_Nanchang: GA20 to take off
180301_Sichuan: K-32 helicopters in forest fire fighting
180301_Bell opens AMC and 505 delivery center with Reignwood
180301_Sino-US Intercontinental orders 26 Leonardo helicopters
180301_Zhejiang: Jiangde rewards innovation and new business of general aviation
180228_CAAC supports home made aircraft
180228_Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to open T2 April 26
180227_Huarong Financial Leasing orders 30 C919 and 20 ARJ21 aircraft
180227_February update of general airports
180222_Hefei Xinqiao Airport business up
180222_Shenzhen Airlines business up
180211_Zhuhai Airport uses east concourse
180209_Hainan Airlines uses C3I
180208_C919 to begin batch production in 2021
180208_Shandong Airlines' fleet, 113 aircraft
180207_Hongqiao Airport, most punctual in China
180207_EHang 184 autopilot air taxi taking off
180206_Ameco conducts SLCD retrofitting for A330
180206_Beijing Capital Airport, second busiest airport in the world
180206_Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, business growing fast
180205_China Southern cooperates with Boeing on MRO
180202_Airbus Tianjin delivers 355th A320
180202_Xiamen Airlines cooperates with GE
180131_MA-700 to take off in 2019
180130_Shandong Airlines takes a new B737-800
180129_Lanzhou Chongchuan Airport offers face swiping check-in
180129_HondaJet settles at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport FBO
180125_Boeing delivered 202 aircraft to China in 2017
180124_2017 Airport capacity report
180123_Air China offers self service luggage check-in
180123_Xiamen Air takes a new B737-800
180123_Yunnan: BELL-412 in forest protection
180122_Hainan Airlines to open Shenzhen-Tianjin-Vancouver route May 25
180120_Two MA-60 aircraft ordered by Angola
180119_China Express going public
180119_Xiamen Air opens Fuzhou-Kalibo routes
180118_China Eastern: Mobiles OK for use on flights
180117_Xiamen Air opens Beijing-Kota Kinabalu route
180117_Guiyang Airport with two terminals
180117_China Eastern opens more international routes from Yantai
180116_Jiuyuan Airlines settles in Hefei
180116_Passenger flow data of airlines in 2017
180116_Transport Ministor of Republic of Congo tries ARJ21
180116_More opportunities for private investments in civil aviation industry
180115_Chengdu to build maglev to connect two airports
180112_Spring Airlines orders $2.9 billion of CFM LEAP-1A engines for its 60 A320neo fleet
180112_Spring Airlines to open more routes
180111_AG600 applying for type certification
180111_Civil Aviation University enjoys supports from CAAC, Tianjin Government and Ministry of Education
180111_China to order 184 A320 aircraft for delivery in 2019-2020
180110_Comsys (Tianjin) cooperates with Emirates for A380 leasing
180110_Hainan Airlines to open Shenzhen-Brussels route
180110_Hainan Airlines cooperates with SAFRAN and THALES
180109_CAAC safety meeting reviews development of regions in 2017
180109_Airbus to discuss joint production of A380 in China
180109_Tianjin Airlines to open routes to Los Angeles from Xi'an and Zhengzhou
180109_Nanjing Airport passenger flow 25.82 million in 2017
180108_Development of Chinese fleets in 2017
180108_Development of air routes of China in 2017
180107_Passenger flow data of airports in 2017
180107_MA-60 in Africa
180103_Qingdao Airport in New Year holidays
180103_Yunnan: Qianxinan Police using 1 helicopter and 32 UAVs
180102_Two more K-MAX helicopters for forest protection
180102_Harbin Airport in 2017
180101_Air China in 2017
180101_Xiamen Airlines in 2017
180101_China Southern Xinjiang to introduce 19 new aircraft in 2018